“And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away.” - 1 Peter 5:4

Hospice & Palliative Care


At Crown Hospice located in Saint Louis, MO, we extend the same care to our patients, their families, and their caregivers as we would to our own family members. Our approach to care is founded upon principles of compassion and faith. True compassion forms the core of our caregiving, while our faith serves as the fundamental bedrock of our actions. Opting for Crown Hospice means opting for expertise, compassion, and a network of backing.

About Crown Hospice


Ever since our establishment in 2006, Crown Hospice has delivered palliative care solutions (hospice services) to over 3,000 patients within Cape Girardeau and Poplar Bluff, Missouri. It’s now our honor and privilege to be able to provide the same care to the community of Saint Louis. Our unwavering dedication to excellence is evident in all facets of our operations. Whether it’s administering top-notch medical attention and caregiving or providing emotional solace to patients and their families, the team at Crown Hospice ensures your well-being with genuine care and affection.

Services Provided by Crown Hospice


Crown Hospice in Saint Louis, MO presents a range of services encompassing  caregiver support serviceshospice care services, and bereavement assistance.

Our hospice team recognizes the distinctiveness of each patient, along with their specific requirements, desires, and aspirations. Our hospice programs are far from being generic solutions; instead, they are tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each individual, ensuring that our care plans align perfectly with their circumstances.

Acknowledging that the concept of hospice care can evoke apprehensive feelings like fear, discomfort, or anxiety, Crown is committed to reshaping perceptions. Our paramount objective revolves around illuminating the remarkable advantages of hospice care, enhancing the quality of life for our patients, and providing unwavering support to patients and their families during the grieving journey.


What Makes Us Unique?

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A Focus on Faith

Each morning and every Wednesday evening, the Crown Hospice staff gathers for communal prayer. During these moments, we offer our prayers for our patients and their families, as well as for the well-being of our team members. We hold deep reverence for the diverse religious perspectives held by our patients. Regardless of their spiritual inclinations, our commitment remains unwavering in delivering exceptional care, ensuring that every individual's needs are met with utmost dedication.

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Caring Staff & Volunteers

Crown Hospice in Saint Louis, MO, goes above and beyond foundational care standards. Every patient benefits from a dedicated care team composed of diligent experts. Our bereavement coordinators, social workers, and chaplains are sources of emotional and spiritual solace, while our physicians specialize in delivering palliative medicine, often referred to as comfort care. Through the efforts of our Registered Nurses, Certified Nursing Aides, and volunteers, patients receive both the necessary care and the empathy they rightfully deserve.

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Award-Winning Care and Hospice

Continuously pursuing excellence, Crown Hospice remains dedicated to achieving the highest standards. As a recognized and acclaimed hospice entity, our journey towards further accolades is ongoing and resolute. Since our establishment in 2006, we have consistently raised the benchmark for providing compassionate hospice care within our community.

Don’t Wait To Secure Hospice Care


If your loved one is eligible for hospice care, don’t wait to find a program. Palliative care will improve their quality of life at the end of their life.